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What You Can Learn About Marketing From a Summer Garden

Depending on where you are in the world, it’s either time for planting or you’re seeing the early fruits of  the labor of the past couple of months.  I’m in Michigan, so it’s finally warm enough to get seeds and plants in the ground without danger of frost.  I’m a week or so behind as I haven’t even bought my annuals yet, but hopefully that will be remedied soon.

What to Plant?

If you have a garden of any sort, flower or vegetable you know that in order to achieve a particular  effect or harvest, you need to plan to have the right number of plants. In order to get that you either have to buy the right number of young plants, or get enough seeds.

For example, if you want lots of blooms overflowing a planter, that’s going to take more than a four pack of petunias.  If you want enough tomatoes and green beans to store away for winter meals, that’s likely going to take more than a couple of healthy plants.


How Much Do You Need?

In many cases, more than you might initially believe. Why? Because a lot of times, you don’t get 100% growth or production. Will every seed germinate perfectly? Probably not. Will every marigold plant produce an equal number of flowers, or even the amount you’re hoping for all season? Maybe not. So that means, you won’t want to plant just the minimum, but rather, some extra too so that it all averages out in the end.

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Marketing a Small Business is a Lot Like that Garden

1. You need to plan out what effect or result you’re expecting otherwise you won’t know what you need to do to achieve it. You’ll have no idea what to plant.

2. More likely than not,  you’ll need to plant more seeds than you might think. Just like with carrots or carnations, not every marketing seed that you plant will bear fruit. Some will over flow your container, some won’t grow at all, some will start strong and then wither.

3. You cannot plant and then expect things to grow on autopilot, unattended. Just like vegetables and flowers need to be tended and given the right kind of attention at the right time, so does any marketing plan if you want it to grow and produce something.

How much should you plan on? While there is no hard and fast rule and things will vary a bit by topic or industry, author and small business coach Pam Slim suggests 20 times more than you might first think is necessary. Yes, 20x and yes you can do it.

Planting Takes Work, But That Work is Manageable

Just like there are different ways to plant a garden there are lots of different ways to make marketing efficient as well as effective It might be seedling by seedling over an  hour or two  or  scattering a pack of seeds in a couple of minutes. Again, it all goes back to planning, working smart and keeping things going.

If you would like to learn more about how to manage your marketing, plant the right seeds and keep the momentum going, I invite you to sign up for updates to this site. I’ve got several things planted that when they’re ready, they will  help you do that and more.  What will you plant this summer?



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