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One More Big Email Mistake

In my last post, I told you about 2 big mistakes people make with email which can easily negate the good will you’re trying to establish in the first place by having a list.  Since I didn’t want that post to be too long, I thought I’d share a third one today. And that is looking at email as something you “blast” as in sending an “email blast”.

Even though the word blast can mean having lots of fun at a party, that’s generally not what it means when it’s linked to email. Even though I thought the concept had gone the way of other “interruption” marketing techniques, I’ve heard/read the term used a couple times in recent weeks so I thought it would be a good time to look at the issue and what to do instead.

The Mistake
This one is pretty simple- most people don’t like to be “blasted”.

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Email and email newsletter lists used to be used to send out mass mailings that were similar to direct mail. Send enough out in a big blast and you’d see some results mainly due to pure numbers as long as you also had decent sales copy. There are some people who still use it that way, but for most professionals/small biz owners that tactic isn’t going to be very effective.

What to Do Instead
Rather than viewing email as something that goes out with a blast, look at it instead as the personal communication it is. Use it to educate and build relationships. Occasionally, you can even write it like you would your family Christmas letter and fill it with a little fun or inspiration.

And this holds true whether you have a list of ten, a hundred or ten thousand: Follow the golden rule, email as you would like to be emailed, and save the blasting for coal miners and the bomb squad.

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