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Marketing is Never Free

Today’s thought is pretty short and sweet: Marketing is Never Free

No matter what an ad or sales page might try to tell you, marketing always requires an investment or an expense. You will spend one of two things-money (what we usually think of) or time.

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A Necessary Cost

In addition, marketing is not optional for probably upwards of 90% of small businesses. There may be a few that get so many referrals or repeats at some point that marketing is minimal, but that usually comes after a lot of initial hard work and hustle.

The Question

Which do you want to spend? Or, to look at it another way, which do you have more of?

The answer cannot be “neither”.  If you believe it is, that’s a problem. Putting off  or not making marketing a priority are two of the biggest reasons business fail, or at minimum, the reason they go through cycles of feast and famine.

Marketing is never free, but the right kind, is also worth the cost.

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4 Responses to “Marketing is Never Free”

  1. On at Laurie Thiel responded with... #

    Someone said to me last week that social media is “free” we need to do more of it. I had to remind this employee that he is being paid to engage in social media, so it’s not free. Your time managing Facebook, Twitter, etc., costs the organization money.

    • On at Cheryl Pickett responded with... #

      That is true. The key is to figure out if it’s a worthwhile use of time/money. Often it can be, especially if there is more time available compared to money.


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