Momentum Session – Get Some Help

Sometimes taking a class or reading a book is a great way to learn something or to solve a problem.

But sometimes, that’s not quite enough.
Sometimes, you want to talk to someone and ask a few questions to fill in the blanks or to get information that is specific to your problem/issue.

If this is something you’re looking for,  I’d like to offer you a

 Momentum Session

What is that you may ask?
A lot of times people get stuck or stopped cold in their tracks by just a few questions or concerns. They lose their momentum. It’s not that they need ongoing, monthly support, just a couple of answers that will get them moving again.I know exactly what that feels like and I don’t want you to stay stuck if that’s where you are.

That’s what these sessions are designed to do. We’ll spend about 6o minutes, or some comparable time on email and get those problems solved and put away so you can get back in motion and doing the great stuff that you do.

I know questions and issues don’t always come up on any particular or regular schedule. That’s why I designed these sessions to be flexible and there when you need them (or as close as we can get our schedules to match).

What Can I Help You With? Here are just a few ideas

*Putting together a strategy/road map for writing your book  (this could be especially helpful if you are working on your first book

*Getting you past a sticking point. Maybe you’ve gotten started but lost steam along the way. We will figure out why and get you closer to that finish line.

I’ll also do my best to make sure you don’t get overwhelmed and that you leave with “right now” action steps.

Does that sound like something that will help you get over a hurdle or on the right path?


Here are the other details you need to know:

A session is $90

If you think you might like more than one session, we can talk about a package.

Get Things Rolling

You can get in touch with me me either via email (cpickett at  or my contact form, give me a short introduction to your topic and questions. We will decide  if we should proceed via email or phone/ Skype and we’ll work out the rest of the details from there.

I’ll send you an invoice for payment.

Once that’s all set, we talk, we solve problems, you get moving on your book and closer to done!

Ready? Awesome!

Let’s get started! Email cpickett at (use the @) or my contact form link is above.